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The Subject Line – How it Can Make Difference to Your Email

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Is subject line makes difference in mail?When you receive mail, what you will see first, the content or the subject line?

When you receive mail, what you will see first, the content or the subject line?

Let’s learn through this blog following things:

1) What is the definition

2) Importance

3) How to make it short and relevant to the content and target audience,

4) How it makes difference to your email,

in addition to above four, we will see

5) Examples for subject lines based on individual mail…etc…

Now we will start with

Subject line:

It is the introduction that identifies and tells about the email intent. The subject line will tell about what sender wants to convey to the recipient.


In general anything we would like to convey to others we will start a conversation I would like to talk about, it’s regarding….etc…The same thing applies to email/letter. The first thing we see subject line and we will quickly decide whether it is important/ relevant to us.

so next we will learn how to make it short & relevant to the content of the mail.

How to make subject line short & relevant:  

Let’s keep following things in mind while writing,

  • Make it short & relevant: Keep your it to 50 characters or few, make it relevant to your Content
  • Personalize: Based on recipients(Individual email/official email/email campaigns/newsletter) customize your subject line,
  • Make it descriptive: As much as possible try to convey in one line,
Subject line makes difference:

1) I see something value adding to me,

2) Short subject line,

In addition to above two

3) Quick information about my benefit.

therefore it can make difference to your mail.

So, here I would like to write for better understanding some of the examples:

  • Would Like To Unsubscribe?
  • Your Order No.12345 Confirmed
  • Weekend Offer
  • Special Offer For You
  • Season End Sale
  • Special Offer On Your HDFC Credit Card
  • Hot Deals Of The Month
  • Add Value To Your Experience Through E-Learning Certificate Program
  • Exciting Offer Exclusively For You
  • Get You Insurance Renewal At Door Step
  • How To Reduce Your Expense
  • Get Help For Your Retirement Life
  • Earn While Learning
  • Donate And Save The Children
  • Welcome To Digital World
  • New Plot Available At Your Location
  • Order It And Get It Instant
  • How To Write Love Letter
  • How To Maintain Healthy Diet
  • Job/Key Corporate Manager
  • Incentive Circular For The Month September 2016
  • Applications Inviting For Manager Post
  • Invitation For My Birthday Party
  • Layout Plan And Approval Documents
  • Meeting Schedule Details
  • Reserve Your Seat For Weekend Batch
  • Holiday List For FY 2015‐2016
  • Your Order Estimated Date Of Delivery
  • World Class Seminar And Venue Details
  • Project Details And Required Documents
  • Want To See Your C Bill Information And Take Action
  • Please Pay Attention Your Credit Card Bill Is Due

Hope above mentioned email subject lines helps you to understand better, how to keep it short, relevant, descriptive and Interesting to your readers.

Please keep following things in your mind:

  • Keep It Short:

Reader to get attention and comfortable view in mobile (Most of them check their emails in mobile before checking at their desktop),

  • Attractive:

Avoid special characters to make it attractive,

  • Descriptive:

Make it short, so that you reader understands what is there inside mail,

  • Relevant:

Make it relevant to the content of your mail, otherwise, reader may not show interest to read your mail,

Finally,  would like to say:

Subject Line can make your reader open your mail or skip your email based on how you communicate.Hence I would like to conclude,

  • Subject Line Can Make Difference to your email
  • Makes maximum No. of Emails Opens
  • It is the King and Champion
  • Reader sees first your Subject Line, Hence make it short, relevant & descriptive
  • Convey sense of urgency and timeliness
  • Provides a reason to open your email,

I wish All the best for your next email campaign with a good subject line.



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