This Software Is a revolutionary

Facebook Pages BulkSender

Facebook Pages BulkSender

This Software Is a revolutionary, world’s first, Pimpliest and most powerful Facebook's Messenger marketing software.

The magic part of Facebook Page BulkSender is to send promotional message to pages you Administrate (old & new messenger leads) , where all other service allow to send only non-promotional messages & new leads.


Awesome Promotions

Write awesome Text Advertisment, Offers and Promotions with our campaigns Text editor in the time that it takes you to finish a Grande latte. Add HyperLinks or Post URL to redit leads to your offers and advertisments!
Campaigns editor

Create and send Promotions & Messages.

Send Bulk Message to Lead or Person messaged your Facebook Page, Retarget your Interested Leads a click away..

Sync. Page’s Messenger Leads.

What's a campaign without a great list? Software contains a flexible, practical and easy option to Auto Scrape Page Leads from Incoming messages to the PAge inbox. Plus, they don’t have to opt-in; they are Already.

Auto Sync


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